Wiremold/Legrand introduces 4000 Designer Series steel raceway

Jan. 28, 2006
Jan. 28, 2006 - Product is designed for high-capacity and enhanced band radius control.

Wiremold/Legrand has introduced the 4000 Designer Series steel raceway, a generation of perimeter raceway designed for high-capacity and enhanced band radius control.

The raceway's downward facing option for receptacles and data jacks is designed to improve connection reliability and create more space inside the raceway to meet cable bend radius requirements. The raceway is also designed to offer contractors numerous labor-saving advantages.

In conventional dual-channel raceways, receptacles are directly in front of the electrical channel while data jacks are positioned in front of the data channel. This configuration limits the amount of space available for data cables and exposes front-facing communications activations to potential damage. The raceway has a unique "crossover" feature that enables both power receptacles and data activations to be positioned in the same channel or even together on the downward facing surface. The crossover unit maintains the integrity of data channel separation when the cables cross the power channel.

Enabling data cables to cross over the power compartment also has the effect of providing additional space within the raceway to meet cable bend radius requirements. Because the entire width of the raceway is available, rather than just one channel, the cable bend can be more gradual. This feature is designed to take an additional importance in the near future as the Category 6 and Augmented Category 6 cabling will require additional capacity and bend radius control capability.

This new raceway is designed to speed installation by reducing or eliminating field cutting, avoiding on-wall obstacles, and accepting all standard devices. The modular design of the raceway is designed to minimize the number of cuts required during installation, and the scored base is designed to make cutting easy when needed. The raceway's adjust-to-fit couplings allow up to 4" of lateral movement so the base can be "stretched" or "compressed" to fit a given space and to align mounting holes with studs. The channel divider is integral to the base rather than a separate piece, saving additional time.

The raceway accepts all standard devices and device plates. There is no need to order special fittings for installations that require bend radius compliance. Full-capacity corner elbows, tees and entrance end fittings meet all TIA 569B requirements for communications pathways. This system conforms to UL, NEC and NEMA standards.

The 4000 Designer Series is also available prewired to job specifications. Units can be packaged and labeled by a specific room, area or floor with complete documentation and blueprints. Delivery to the job site can be coordinated for maximum efficiency. On the job, prewired raceway installs can be completed in as little as one-third the time required for field-assembled perimeter raceways.

Wiremold is based in West Hartford, CT. For more information visit www.wiremold.com.

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