Communication Electronic Systems picks ADC system for school district

Jan. 9, 2006
Jan. 9, 2006 - Las Vegas district is installing next generation WAN.

ADC announced today that Communication Electronic Systems (CES) has selected ADC's TrueNet Structured Cabling System on behalf of the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, one of the largest school districts in the United States.

The district is installing a next generation, wide-area network to provide student access to the Internet and advanced voice, video and data technologies.

The Clark County School District encompasses all of Clark County, NV, and has one of the nation's largest school construction and modernization programs. The school district's network includes Web-based tools such as videoconferencing, which will allow students in the district's more than 11,000 classrooms to share information. CES has installed ADC TrueNet Category 6 patch panels, jacks, patch cords, and cabling at several schools as part of the first deployment phase, with installation continuing to other schools later this year.

"Thanks to ADC's TrueNet structured cabling system, Clark County School District's students can rely on a high-speed, high-performance network that is changing the way that they learn in a multimedia environment," says Brian Thomas, principle for CES. "TrueNet was the kind of end-to-end solution Clark County School District needed to leverage in order to design and implement a robust future-proof network to serve one of America's fast-growing school districts.

"This network will help ensure that these students have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as they move through the county's educational system," Thomas continues."

ADC TrueNet Category 6 patch panels, patch cords, and cable form an end-to-end channel designed to preserve signal amplitude and deliver zero bit error performance in Gigabit Ethernet applications. TrueNet Category 6 solutions are designed to deliver exceptional system performance by including features that protect signal integrity and strength. TrueNet's adherence to IEEE specifications for signal amplitude is especially important for Gigabit Ethernet, which uses multilevel encoding.

"ADC's TrueNet solution designed for Clark County School District serves as an excellent example of how well-designed technology fosters improved high-tech learning," says Pat O'Brien, president of the Global Connectivity Business Unit for ADC. "With the products that make up TrueNet, we're able to deliver full Category 6-channel performance. It's this kind of network solution that educational institutions can deploy and count on to deliver high speed data services throughout the campus."

ADC is based in Minneapolis, MN. For more information visit

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