MRV Communications to resell EdenTree Lab Manager software in Media Cross Connect solution

Jan. 16, 2006 - Joint solution is aimed at automating test labs for network equipment manufacturers.

MRV Communications, Inc. has announced it will resell EdenTree Lab Manager software from EdenTree Technologies in an integrated solution with its Media Cross Connect.

The joint solution is aimed at automating test labs for network equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises.

The reseller agreement is an extension of a year-long collaboration between the companies that has included the technical integration of EdenTree Lab Manager software with the Media Cross Connect hardware as well as joint selling of this solution to customers including test labs at U.S. Army in Ft. Huachuca, Cisco Systems, Inc. and SBC Communications, Inc.

The combined solution means increased productivity and reduced cabling errors as customers can design and schedule automated network tests of new equipment designs or new network deployments.

The MRV Media Cross Connect offers high density and supports all optical-fiber interfaces up to 10 Gbits/sec to enable interoperability and functionality testing of large and complex local area, wide area and storage networks. The cross connect is based on the open and flexible Linux operating system, which works with its network management card to ensure secure access.

"The Media Cross Connect provides a reliable, cost-effective cross-connect platform for a wide range of network testing labs," says Noam Lotan, president and CEO of MRV Communications. "With the addition of EdenTree's Lab Manager software to the solution, we extend the MCC's automation capabilities to provide a practical solution for complex physical-layer switching infrastructures."

EdenTree's Lab Manager automates physical reconfigurations of equipment in networks and labs, allowing users to design and apply configurations remotely, recall, share, and schedule those configurations, and search for and track the usage of lab resources, all from an easy to use graphical user interface or scripts. EdenTree Lab Manager manages and hides the complexity of multi-switch infrastructures, creating virtual switch matrices and allowing the user to focus on end devices.

"The productivity and ease-of-use benefits that our software provides to lab personnel are enhanced by a tight integration with the cross connect," says Jay Oyakawa, president and CEO of EdenTree. "With MRV's extensive interface support and high density, we feel this partnership is especially beneficial to those test labs that support large and complex network configurations."

EdenTree Technologies provides connection management solutions for network equipment manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises that have dynamic lab and network environments. MRV Communications is a provider of network equipment and services, and optical components.

MRV Communications is based in Chatsworth, CA. For more information visit

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