Emerson Network Power, Egenera team up for CoolFrame solution

Jan. 31, 2006
Jan. 31, 2006 - Solution is designed to enable customers to deploy high-performance servers while adding virtually no heat.

Emerson Network Power and Egenera have introduced the CoolFrame solution, which integrates Emerson Network Power's Liebert XD cooling technology with the Egenera BladeFrame EX system.

The CoolFrame solution enables customers to deploy Egenera high-performance servers while adding virtually no heat to their facilities and represents the first time Liebert XD technology has been used to deliver cooling directly to a server rack.

Adding CoolFrame to a BladeFrame EX reduces the heat dissipation of the rack to the room from as much as 20,000 watts to a maximum of 1,500 watts without impacting the performance of the 12 processor cores per square foot. The CoolFrame solution also is designed to reduce the energy costs for data center cooling of a BladeFrame EX environment by eliminating 1.5 kW of fan load per rack from the room cooling system. At full capacity this equates to a 23% reduction in data center cooling energy costs.

"Solving data center cooling issues effectively and efficiently requires server manufacturers and power and cooling specialists to work together to bring cooling closer to processing resources to increase cooling capacity and flexibility," says Bob Bauer, group vice president Emerson and president of Liebert Worldwide. "The CoolFrame solution not only delivers the flexibility to deploy a high capacity cooling solution where and when needed, it demonstrates how the Liebert XD cooling infrastructure can be adapted to deliver cooling directly to the rack."

"The Liebert XD system provides exceptional cooling in high-density environments," says Susan Davis, vice president of marketing at Egenera. "Selecting the BladeFrame now means that data center managers will have access to a highly efficient and flexible way to adapt to their data centers' cooling requirements."

The Liebert XD is a waterless cooling solution that delivers focused cooling through an infrastructure that includes a pumping unit or chiller and overhead piping system with quick-connect fixtures. Flexible piping connects Liebert XD cooling modules to the infrastructure, making it easy to add modules or reconfigure the system. With the CoolFrame solution, Liebert XD cooling modules become integral to the rear of the Egenera BladeFrame EX system. A single pumping unit or chiller provides 160 kW liquid cooling capacity for up to eight BladeFrame EX systems. The cooling modules do not impact the BladeFrame EX system's cable management and serviceability features and add no additional footprint or power requirements.

Egenera, based in Marlborough, MA, delivers computing solutions that are designed to simplify data center operations and infrastructure. Emerson Network Power, based in Columbus, OH, manufactures a full spectrum of reliable power, connectivity and precision cooling solutions for computer, communications, healthcare and industrial systems. For more information visit www.egenera.com and www.gotoemerson.com.

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