Report: Five Asian countries quickly adopting FTTX in residential market

Jan. 11, 2006 - In-Stat says Asia provides huge growth potential for equipment and service players.

Five major countries in Asia comprise the fastest developing regional broadband market including the adoption of advanced Fiber-to-the-X in the residential broadband market: both Fiber-to-the-Premise/Home (FTTP/FTTH) and Fiber-to-the- Neighborhood/Curb/Building (FTTN/FTTC/FTTB), reports In-Stat.

Asia as a whole, and in particular the growing China and Australian markets, provide huge growth potential for equipment and service players to claim a slice of the growing FTTX pie, the high-tech market research firm says.

"Foreign investors may not need to build up networks or provide services on their own," says Victor Liu, In-Stat analyst. "Instead, content developers and value-added services providers may have better revenue prospects if they work closely with broadband service providers who lead the adoption of FTTX in those markets."

The report found that:

* In China, FTTC/N+ LAN is proving to be a cost-effective way to introduce broadband to homes.
* Japan has built up high-speed network infrastructures extending fiber all the way to the home to deliver a wide array of voice, data and multimedia applications including increasingly popular VoIP service.
* In South Korea, service providers have found that online gaming, Video-On-Demand, and e-commerce are moneymaking applications that are well suited to the increased bandwidth of FTTX.

The report is titled "Asia Pacific Embraces Residential FTTX Services."

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