Systimax VisiPatch 360 system combines design, performance benefits

November 3, 2006 -- The company says the system's reverse patching technology improves cord management.

November 3, 2006 -- As the first result of the company's recently announced 360-degree product design philosophy, Systimax has launched its VisiPatch360 System, which the company says incorporates integrated patching and cable management to deliver an ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing platform.

"Systimax Solutions' new design philosophy allows us to create solutions that we believe are revolutionary, and the VisiPatch 360 System is just the first one to be introduced," comments George Brooks, global business director for emerging products, for Systimax's Enterprise Solutions unit. "This new patching solution uses enhanced specifications and an improved design to help boost performance while responding to our customers' need for an aesthetically pleasing solution that can support complex applications."

Systimax says the VisiPatch system is intended as both an RJ-45 alternative rack-mount patching system and an optimized wall-mount system, designed to make cable management easier. By projecting cords away from the user and into the patching field, the system makes the patch cord plug-end more accessible. This arrangement also makes reading the labeling information easier while facilitating future moves, adds and changes, says the company.

The VisiPatch system supports 10-Gbit/sec and 1-Gbit/sec applications. The system's snap-together components make for easy installation. According to Systimax, the new system reduces cord cluster, patch cord and cable congestion associated with some RJ-45 systems, and maximizes usable density.

"We believe our customers value their usage of space and time in addition to resources and money," concludes Brooks. "Whether it is: by reducing cable clutter, improving density, making moves, adds and changes easier to perform, or simply by taking up less space, the VisiPatch 360 system is designed to help them do just that."

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