Ortronics/Legrand intros modular, pre-terminated fiber-optic cabling system

Sept. 25, 2006
September 25, 2006 -- The Momentum 2 platform combines optical ribbon cabling, MTP termination, LC polishing, and hardware to provide a high-performance cassette-based fiber-optic structured cabling system.

September 25, 2006 -- As the next generation of the company's modular, pre-terminated fiber-optic cabling system, Ortronics/Legrand has introduced its Momentum 2 platform, which the company says combines optical ribbon cabling, MTP termination, LC polishing, and hardware to provide a simple, quick, high performing cassette-based fiber-optic structured cabling system.

Designed for use in mission-critical data centers and storage-area networks, the Momentum 2 system is designed to enable quick deployment, eliminate the possibility of optical performance flaws, and provide increased flexibility for network design. The company says the system makes moves, adds, and changes quick, easy, and error-free, while ensuring unsurpassed optical performance with superior optical fiber and best-in-class pre-terminated connectors.

The product improves upon the original Momentum offering with enhancements such as: increased cable plant loss budget through reductions in differential mode delay and modal noise; improved insertion loss cassettes and ribbon backbones; reduced backbone differential mode delay; increased fiber count ribbon backbones; maximized port density; improved ease of use; simplified systems design; and support for today's most demanding optical applications.

The Momentum 2 system consists of cassettes and MTP-to-MTP ribbon backbones. The cassettes are available in 12-fiber SC or LC duplex and 24-fiber LC quad connector versions, with singlemode and 50/125 laser-optimized multimode fiber. Ribbon backbones are available in singlemode or 50-micron laser-optimized multimode in 12, 24, 48, and 72 fiber counts.

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