JDSU launches QoS software agent for business VoIP deployments

September 12, 2006 -- The company's QT- 50 software agent ensures business-class QoS for large-scale Voice over Internet Protocol service deployments.

September 12, 2006 -- JDSU has introduced its QT- 50, a software agent for ensuring business-class quality of service (QoS), aimed at providers supporting the large-scale transition of business customers to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Part of the company's NetComplete Service Assurance VoIP portfolio, the QT- 50 equips providers with the ability to proactively monitor and troubleshoot issues and evaluate metrics that can affect voice quality - such as mean opinion score (MOS), R-factor, jitter, packet loss, and packet statistics - by simulating the IP call experience as if at the customer premise.

The QT-50 is designed to work with JDSU's NetAnalyst and NetOptimize operations support systems (OSS) to deliver both on-demand testing and performance management capabilities. The software agent places and receives active test calls between other software agents and the company's QT probes (including QT- 600 Ethernet and triple-play probe) deployed across a provider's network.

According to the company, by creating meshes of synthetic VoIP calls throughout the network, the QT-50 proactively identifies potential degradations end-to-end (i.e. among hundreds of office buildings) for continuous, active monitoring of VoIP quality, helping providers gain a solid understanding of their customer's VoIP service experience. The company contends that the measurements and reports generated by the QT-50 provide the key QoS metrics needed to instill confidence that call signal and voice clarity are of an exceptional level.

"JDSU is proud to deliver service providers a confidence-builder when transitioning their business customers' phone networks to VoIP service," sasy Roger Lingle, vice president of marketing for JDSU's Service Assurance Solutions business unit. "The QT-50 is a highly flexible, lightweight software agent that performs the vital task of extending the visibility of VoIP performance all the way to what the end user would experience."

The company recently announced that "a major North American service provider" has selected the QT-50 software agent to support a VoIP deployment contract currently underway, supporting a major business customer's transition to VoIP across "hundreds of remote offices."

The QT-50 as well as the company's complete VoIP and IPTV test portfolio will be on display at the VON 2006 event in Boston, September 11-13, at the company's booth # 249.

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