Siemon Labs' R&D director Mullin receives IEC's 1906 Award

September 7, 2006 -- The recognition is based upon Daniel J. Mullin's work as a project leader in IEC SC48B for the development of several cabling connector standards for commercial and industrial data transmission.

September 7, 2006 -- The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has awarded Daniel J. Mullin, Siemon Labs' research and development director, with the IEC's prestigious 1906 Award.

According to a press release, Mullin achieved this recognition based upon his work as a project leader in IEC SC48B for the development of several cabling connector standards for commercial and industrial data transmission. His "outstanding" contributions for liaison work between IEC SC48B and ISO IEC JT SC25 were also cited.

According to an IEC selection criteria excerpt, the 1906 Award was created to commemorate the organization's centennial, and is presented for "recent achievement related to the technical work of the IEC that can be considered as a major contribution to furthering the interests of electrotechnology standardization and related activities."

Presented to no more than five individuals in the technical committee, Mullin's selection for the award by the IEC Executive Committee is a strong indicator of his close involvement with the development of international cabling standards, contends Siemon.

"Siemon is committed to the integrity of the standards development process and has been actively contributing to the content of both national and international telecommunications standards for over 15 years," comments John Siemon, Siemon's chief technology officer. "Dan's leadership and project management skills will go far in ensuring that the IEC will continue it's tradition of developing state-of-the-art connecting hardware interface designs, requirements, and test methods in the years to come."

Mullin, through his role as project leader, recently completed two critical IEC interface projects: IEC 61076-3-104, characterizing the category 7/7A connector to 1000 MHz, and the IEC 61076-3-106 industrial RJ-45 style interface specification.

Prior to receiving the award, Mullin was appointed to a second 4-year term as technical advisor (TA) to IEC Technical Committee 48 (IEC TC48). In this role, he will continue his responsibilities for leading technical developmental work, drafting new and revised IEC standards, issuing standards for industry review, compiling ballot comments, and preparing documents for publication.

IEC TC48 is tasked with the standardization of telecommunications and other electric connectors, connecting devices, and mechanical structures (mechanical housings for connectors, printed circuit boards, and backbone assemblies). SC48B, a subcommittee to TC48, currently has 15 project teams assigned to new work items addressing leading edge developments in the telecommunications connector industry.

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