silex, Bountiful partner on secure WiFi

Dec. 1, 2006
December 1, 2006 -- silex technology america has partnered with Bountiful WiFi to provide a fingerprint-based access control system for WiFi local area networks (WLANs).

December 1, 2006 -- silex technology america, Inc. has announced a partnership with Bountiful WiFi ( to provide a fingerprint-based access control system for WiFi local area networks (WLANs) by bundling silex's ( SX-650 NetGuard WiFi network access control device and S1 biometric fingerprint reader with Bountiful's wireless router.

The silex S1 is a USB-interface fingerprint reader that uses radio frequency (RF) technology to read below the surface layer of skin to the corium or the inner layer of the fingerprint so that surface abnormalities don't affect the scan. A key feature of the S1 is its ability to track the rate at which a finger crosses the sensor which further enhances the fingerprint reader's ability to provide a much more accurate reading, according to silex.

Further, by combining the latest WiFi security and biometric identity verification technologies, silex says its SX-650 NetGuard "provides a finishing layer" to a WiFi network's security strategy. A fully-contained authentication device, the SX-650 conforms to the latest WiFi security standards including WPA/WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access), RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) and PEAP (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol), and works with most off-the-shelf access points and network adapter cards.

"In today's workforce, mobility is a tremendous asset that allows workers the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere at any time," comments Gary Bradt, silex's vice president, biometrics division. "However, even with the constant invention and upgrade of WiFi network security, overall public and corporate paranoia about security threats continues to build. By bundling the SX-650 NetGuard with the S1 fingerprint reader and the Bountiful router, silex and Bountiful WiFi provide IT executives with the most reliable WiFi security solution on the market today."

Bountiful says its router was developed in response to businesses' demand for a constant, abundant and reliable wireless signal. The company says the device provides unprecedented differentiation in wireless networks by expanding the footprint or coverage area by two to four times that of competitive platforms.

"The Bountiful router is the most powerful wireless Internet router allowed under FCC regulations," contends David Egbert, president and CEO of Bountiful WiFi. "By combining a reliable wireless signal with a reliable security solution like the SX-650 NetGuard, users can now have peace of mind that they can enjoy a constant and abundant wireless signal over a secure network."

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