ZyXEL's powerline Ethernet adapters target IPTV

October 20, 2006 -- The company's new PowerLine Ethernet adapters offer a 200-Mbit/sec data rate suitable for IPTV deployments and in-home multimedia entertainment applications.

October 20, 2006 -- ZyXEL Communications Inc. has introduced its HomePlug AV product line, featuring the PLA-400 HomePlug AV powerLlne Ethernet adapter and the PLA-402 HomePlug AV powerline and coaxial Ethernet adapter.

According to the company, designed as a home network backbone platform, both adapters feature very high throughput of 200 Mbit/sec, which is ideal for distributing IPTV deployment, video and audio streaming, VoIP services, file sharing, and Internet access throughout the home. ZyXEL is the first to offer PowerLine adapters that connect either through home electrical outlets or coaxial cable.

"HomePlug AV solutions are the bridge to enhanced services like IPTV and streaming media and also offer an extension to existing Wi-Fi deployments in a home network or MTU environment," comments Munira Brooks, vice president of sales, marketing, and business development at ZyXEL. "Prior to HomePlug AV technology, Wi-Fi was the solution of choice for home networking. However, Wi-Fi's shortcomings, including dead spots and complicated setup, are driving service providers and consumers to powerline solutions, which offer fast throughput and simple Plug-n-Play setup."

According to the company, both the PLA-400 and PLA-402 HomePlug AV adapters offer up to 16 separate connections within one household and are compatible with regular 10/100 Ethernet connections. Both products are compatible with any two or three pronged wall outlet. In addition to a powerline connection, the PLA-402 also offers a coaxial cable connection, allowing service providers and consumers to customize installations.

Both adapters offer stable and consistent data speeds, transferring data through existing home wiring, thereby eliminating interference from other radio-based devices such as microwaves and cordless phones. Both products support QoS for smooth, hi-definition video streaming, and provide secure networking with 128-bit AES data encryption.

The adapters are easy to install, requiring no drivers, and feature a desktop design that does not occupy the entire electrical outlet.

Pricing for the PLA-400 is $94; it will be available in November. The PLA-402 will be available in December, priced at $114.

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