Fluke unveils NetTool Series II

October 23, 2006 -- The company says the inline network tester adds enhanced diagnostics to isolate device and application connectivity problems four times faster than traditional methods.

October 23, 2006 -- Fluke Networks has introduced its NetToolt Series II inline network tester, which the company says can identify and isolate enterprise network and application connectivity problems more than four times faster than traditional methods.

According to Fluke, the NetTool Series II's one-step NetProve diagnostic test capability pinpoints problems so that technicians, regardless of skill level, can quickly and easily recognize the source of problems. The tool helps to identify whether problems originate with a device, such as a server, switch or router, or an application, such as SMTP, FTP or HTTP. Test results can be saved as a report to document connectivity status.

In addition to providing a view into the actual traffic between the network and end devices such as PCs, VoIP phones, access points, printers and copiers, the NetTool Series II's inline visibility is extended to include Gigabit Ethernet links. According to Fluke, inline testing allows easy identification of device and network configurations and performance issues, reducing troubleshooting time.

The company says its NetTool Series II is also a "front-line" VoIP management tool, allowing users to verify link readiness during pre-deployment planning and troubleshoot problems on active networks by monitoring real-time VoIP traffic. Inline connectivity provides visibility into VoIP calls to quickly diagnose both IP phone boot-up and call control problems, and to measure key call quality metrics. Series II also adds H.323 to existing SIP and SCCP support.

The NetTool Series II also features advanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) detection and measurement capability. The tool can negotiate with Ethernet-based power-sourcing equipment (PSE), acting as a powered device and displaying both voltage and current delivered over the cabling. According to the company, this eliminates the need for a separate PoE detector and makes PoE link characterization and troubleshooting faster and more accurate.

Fluke's IntelliTone tone generator is also built into the NetTool Series II. The digital tone generator works with the company's IntelliTone probe to safely and effectively locate cables, even on active networks and when terminated at a switch. The company contends that this capability reduces the time needed for cable isolation and identification in typical LAN wiring closets by over 95%.

The NetTool Series II is available in two models: the NetTool Series II Pro with NetProve and inline testing of 10/100/1000 networks, and the NetTool Series II Pro VoIP, which adds the VoIP diagnostic option. Both models are now available.

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