Systimax joins Cisco interoperability program

Oct. 6, 2006
October 6, 2006 -- Systimax Solutions announced that its GigaSPEED X10D 10 Gb/s UTP copper cabling system has met the Cisco Technology Developer Program's interoperability criteria.

October 6, 2006 -- Systimax Solutions announced that its GigaSPEED X10D 10 Gb/s UTP copper cabling system has met the Cisco Technology Developer Program's criteria for interoperability with Cisco's Unified Communication products.

Systimax joined the Cisco Technology Developer Program as an IP Communications participant and recently evolved from Affiliate to Partner status. Participation in the program enhances the Systimax GigaSPEED X10D Solution by providing tools for determining interoperability with a range of Cisco Unified Communication products, which themselves are key components of demanding network environments.

Systimax says its GigaSPEED X10D system provides enterprise customers with a complete UTP platform conforming to the latest TIA Category 6A and ISO Class EA cabling channel requirements and compliant with the IEEE standards for 10GBASE-T. The company says the system supports both the normal bandwidth needs of today's enterprises and the needs of more demanding applications such as high resolution video, grid computing, and Storage Area Network/Network Attached Storage (SAN/NAS).

Using proprietary modal decomposition modeling, connector field pattern modeling, and cable twist accuracy technology, the GigaSPEED X10D system is specifically engineered and tested to minimize Alien Crosstalk, a crucial impairment to 10 Gigabit Ethernet's adoption in current and future enterprise networks. Alien Crosstalk is the undesired coupling noise between adjacent cables and connectors and usually occurs in cables that are bundled and tie-wrapped together in a close configuration. The like pairs "talk" to each other and create disruptions in the flow of information. Failure to minimize Alien Crosstalk will result in inferior transmission performance and insufficient bandwidth to ensure reliable 10 Gbit/sec performance.

In order to test the Alien Crosstalk performance of its cable in the worst possible operating conditions, Systimax says its engineers used a stringent "six-around-one" configuration across the system's entire swept frequency. In addition, the company notes that sophisticated testing of the GigaSPEED X10D system was witnessed and confirmed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), and independent, not-for-profit product safety certification organization.

"For a 10 Gigabit UTP solution to both comply with industry standards and operate in today's sophisticated enterprise networks, it must satisfactorily address the issue of Alien Crosstalk. Frankly, if you don't eliminate a significant amount of Alien Crosstalk within the design of the cabling channel - you don't have a 10G solution," notes industry consultant David Haley of Acuity, Inc.

"Because of its strong engineering and testing," Haley continues, "Systimax Solutions develops lasting technology, technology that addresses the current and future needs of the enterprise network, which is a key characteristic of companies involved in the Cisco Technology Developer program."

The Cisco Technology Developer program sets criteria for interoperability testing by independent third parties and provides enterprise or service provider customers with information regarding products and services that an independent testing facility has tested and found to interoperate with Cisco networking technology.

According to a press release, Systimax Solutions' products support the following Cisco products: all Linksys products, IP/VC 3510 Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) v2.2,Cisco Unity Bridge 3.0.1,Cisco Unity 4.0.3,Cisco PIX Firewall, Cisco Multimedia Conference Manager 12.1(5)XM3,Cisco MDS-based storage products, Cisco IP/VC 3540 Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) v1.0,Cisco IP/VC 3530 Video Terminal Adapter, Cisco IP/VC 3525 Gateway v2.2,Cisco IP/VC 3520 Gateway v2.2,Cisco IP Phone 7900 Series, Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC),Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM),Cisco eMail Manager (CEM), Cisco Distribution Switches: 4XXX Series, Cisco Distribution Switches: 36XX Series, Cisco Distribution Switches: 3548XL,Cisco Computer Telephony Integration (CTI),Cisco Collaboration Server (CCS),Cisco CallManager Express 3.2,Cisco CallManager 4.1(x),Cisco CallManager 4.0(x),Cisco Access Switches, Cisco 7600 Series Routers, Cisco 7500 Series Routers and Catalyst 65XX Layer 3 Switches.

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