Electro Standards intros remote control KVM A/B switch

October 18, 2006 -- The company's Model 4875 remotely controllable KVM A/B switch features 3 remote control options.

October 18, 2006 -- Electro Standards Laboratories has introduced its Model 4875 remotely controllable KVM A/B switch. The switch allows access to two computers or servers from a single set of KVM devices.

The keyboard, monitor, and mouse devices are connected to the unit's "common" set of ports; computer and/or servers are connected to the A and B set of ports. Switch position can be controlled manually from a front panel push button, or remotely by a simple contact closure connected to the RJ-45 remote port.

Remote switching can be achieved by connecting to any of three optional remote units: the company's Model 4856 single channel console remote, Model 4857 dual channel console remote, or the Model 4855 16-channel area remote unit. Switch position status is displayed by front panel LEDs.

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