Lampe takes helm of Comm-Works Holdings

April 12, 2006
April 12, 2006 - He fills the position formerly held by Todd Eberhardt, who remains on the company's board of directors.

The board of directors of Comm-works Holdings LLC (, a North American provider of enterprise voice and data solutions, announced it elected Alan Lampe, Comm-Works' founding partner, president and chief operating officer, as chief executive officer. Lampe fills the position formerly held by Todd Eberhardt, who remains on the Comm-Works board.

Daniel Farrar, chairman of the board, said, "We are extremely pleased that Al has accepted the position of CEO. He brings a wealth of industry experience, valuable personal relationships, and knowledge of the company's operations to the post. In addition, he has been instrumental in working with the board to craft the business strategy that we believe will lead the enterprise toward even greater growth, both organic and strategic."

Lampe said, "I am honored to have been elected by the board to drive Comm-Works in its second decade of growth. Behind our success stands a growing number of customers, all leaders in their sectors, who rely on us to meet their complex voice and data needs throughout the United States. Helping them be more productive and cost-effective, and responsively serving them any day, any time continues to be our unwavering focus."

In his new position, Lampe will be the primary architect for business strategy, its articulation, alignment with operations, and execution. He will also direct the development of business partnerships and explore expansion opportunities for the organization.

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