Corning Cable Systems cables receive RUS acceptance

April 27, 2006 - Service providers can use Rural Utilities Service funding to upgrade their 'last miles' with a suite of optical products.

Corning Cable Systems ( has been granted Rural Utilities Service (RUS) acceptance for SST-Drop Dielectric, Toneable, and Armored Cables. The cable family is intended primarily for operation in the last portion of an all-optical network (such as Fiber to the Home), bridging the space between the distribution network and the subscriber premises.

The RUS, a division of the United States Department of Agriculture, offers loans and grants in order to increase the rate of deployment of technology to small towns in rural areas. Service providers can use RUS funding to upgrade existing networks or build new systems that carry at least 200 kbits/sec symmetrical data, as well as enhanced voice and video services that would further contribute to the strength of the overall business plan. RUS acceptance allows service providers to purchase Corning Cable Systems products with these funds.

In addition to the SST-Drop Cable family, the RUS has approved Corning Cable Systems' OptiSheath Classic and Advantage Terminals and OptiDrop Pedestals. Corning Cable Systems' SOLO and ALTOS Cables are also included in the accepted products list.

The products are listed in the "List of Materials for Use on Telecommunications Systems of RUS Borrowers." The complete list of products can be found here.

These RUS-accepted products are part of Corning Cable Systems' Evolant Solutions, through which the company offers specialized product portfolios and services that enable customers to deploy fiber in the last mile.

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