Zhone licenses SercoNet's wireless/wireline combo technology

May 18, 2006 -- SercoNet's WirePlus technology incorporates wireless and wireline media to alleviate issues of signal quality in WiFi deployments.

Zhone Technologies has agreed to license SercoNet's WirePlus technology for alleviating problems of low signal quality and dead spots commonly associated with home and office WiFi deployments.

According to Zhone, target markets for gear incorporating the WirePlus technology include telephone companies and cable providers. The company intends to use the technology in multiple equipment designs and says it will produce standalone WirePlus-based devices that plug into common telephone jacks to extend WiFi signal coverage at maximum speed and with very low latency. The technology will also be integrated into Zhone's residential gateways and may be used in voice over IP (VoIP) over WiFi applications, says the company.

"As a market leading supplier of broadband equipment, we want to ensure that our customers have access to the latest innovations in wireless extension technology," says William Cobb, GM and vice president of Zhone's CPE division. "We believe that SercoNet's technology is an innovative solution for delivering consistent, high performance bandwidth in the premises, and offers tremendous benefits for our customers."

SercoNet says its patents and designs combine wireless and wireline media - including Wi-Fi, EV-DO, coax cable, AC powerline, and telephone wiring - to distribute broadband signals without incurring risks associated with other technologies.

"We are pleased that Zhone has chosen to license the WirePlus WiFi-over-copper extension technology," concludes Ron Stein, CEO of SercoNet. "SercoNet technology provides carriers and subscribers alike significant benefits, including seamless, non-stop wireless broadband access anywhere in the home and office."

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