RiT Technologies introduces SMARTen Cabling System

Feb. 2, 2006 - System is designed to provide a managed solution for 10-Gbit Ethernet data cabling.

RiT Technologies introduced the RiT SMARTen Cabling System at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL.

The system is designed to provide a complete, managed solution for 10-Gbit Ethernet data cabling. Designed to support evolving standards requirements, SMARTen combines all the advantages of RiT's managed cabling expertise with the high, future-proof performance of 10-Gbit data speed. The demand for higher bandwidth and bit rates is on the rise in virtually every industry. As data intensive services become more prevalent and data centers seek cost-effective solutions for ever-faster networking, high-speed LAN connectivity is becoming ever more vital.

The SMARTen system addresses the problem of alien crosstalk between neighboring cables and ports, the key challenge facing 10-Gbit communications. It provides a full answer for both UTP and STP environments, supporting bandwidth up to 500 MHz.

As part of RiT's portfolio of specially developed managed solutions for blocks, both for telephone and high-density data requirements, the SMART Voice Block Scanning Module was also introduced. The block offers state-of-the-art management of telephone cabling solutions. These blocks have been designed for the standard 10-pair Krone IDC block in an existing installation environment. Solutions for new installations as well as blocks form other vendors can be made available.

RiT also introduced the SMART Inter-Connect Solution, which has been developed specifically for enterprises that have either a large inter-connect network which they do not intend to replace within the short term, or those that are planning a new inter-connect but wish to get the benefits of the PatchView management solution.

For those sites that are looking for a retrofit solution, a combination of the SMART Inter-Connect together with the SMART ReView Panel will offer the advantages of network physical layer management without rebuilding the communication room.

RiT Technologies is based in Mahwah, NJ. For more information visit www.rittech.com.

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