Fluke Networks announces enhancements to Visual UpTime Select solution

Feb. 21, 2006 - Enhancements will enable enterprises to optimize VoIP performance through networkwide visibility.

Fluke Networks today announced significant enhancements to its Visual UpTime Select solution that will enable enterprises to optimize Voice over Internet Protocol performance through networkwide visibility into VoIP on both a real-time and historical basis.

The cornerstone of the release is the monitoring of MOS (mean opinion scores), which represents end-user quality of experience for every actual call placed at every site throughout the network. Visual UpTime Select is designed to provide in-depth, real-time and historical information that enables organizations to intelligently manage application and network performance and availability across the entire enterprise.

Visual UpTime Select calculates and presents MOS for each VoIP call on a continual basis, enabling network managers to troubleshoot both real-time and intermittent VoIP performance issues. With the ability to drill down into key VoIP metrics such as delay, CODEC loss, packet loss, latency and jitter, which are automatically collected on a per-call basis for poor quality calls, the underlying cause of poor performance can be rapidly and accurately isolated, even for problems that occurred days or weeks ago. Consequently, users can quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot intermittent issues, thereby minimizing the impact of poor quality calls on the organization.

"Visual UpTime Select helped us identify and isolate key issues that were adversely impacting the performance of VoIP on a small business network," says David Cuddy, chief technology officer at Natural Convergence, a Visual UpTime Select beta site.

"We used the product to detect LAN configuration issues, identify a misbehaving router and isolate jitter problems on the network," Cuddy continues. "Service providers who are looking for a solution that provides in-depth visibility into VoIP performance and robust troubleshooting capabilities should consider Visual UpTime Select."

In addition to per-call troubleshooting and networkwide visibility, this release incorporates a number of in-depth performance reports. From a centralized console, users can access on-demand reports of trends and patterns across the VoIP network including MOS distribution by hour per site, MOS over time per site, sites with most VoIP calls, worst performing VoIP sites and overall VoIP performance.

"As a hosted VoIP infrastructure provider focused on quality and superior service levels, we have a complex environment that requires routing of VoIP traffic between various customers facilities and termination points," says Talal Ali Ahmad, president and CEO of vCentrix. "This new release of Visual UpTime Select provides us with deep visibility into all of the key metrics across our VoIP network - including our partner's network environment and beyond to that of their customers. We utilize Visual UpTime Select's intelligence and problem segmentation to identify problems, usually before they have a noticeable effect on call quality."

"Fluke Networks' Visual UpTime Select is a solution for enterprises that want to manage the performance of applications on both a per-site and network-wide basis," says Dennis Drogseth, vice president at Enterprise Management Associates. "The solution provides network managers the requisite insight into how individual applications -- such as Citrix or VoIP -- interact and how they are impacted by network performance."

"The substantial enhancements to Visual UpTime Select meet the growing needs of today's network managers for an all-in-one distributed management solution that provides a centralized, holistic view of both the network and enterprise applications," says Jeff Lime, president of Fluke Networks' Visual Networks division and senior vice president for Fluke Networks -- Enterprise & Datacom Marketing. "With this latest release, Visual UpTime Select delivers the granular visibility required for complete VoIP lifecycle management."

Fluke Networks is based in Everett, WA. For more information visit www.flukenetworks.com.

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