Tyco Electronics unveils new cable-mounted plug

Feb 21, 2006 - Plug is based on the MULTI-BEAM XL line of modular power/signal connectors.

Tyco Electronics today announced a new cable-mounted plug based on the MULTI-BEAM XL line of modular power/signal connectors.

Drawing from experience in designing and producing custom cable assemblies, the new cable mount connector terminates up to 8 AWG, 600V wire, carries up to 45 amps on a single contact and satisfies hot-swap and cable I/O applications.

Expanding the MULTI-BEAM XL board-to-board connector product offering, the new cable-mounted plugs now allow customers the design flexibility to easily connect hot-swap power supplies to other components of a power distribution system, without the use of a power distribution board.

To meet stringent durability and safety requirements Tyco Electronics' development engineers added high-strength housing materials and insulation crimps to the connector design. The integral cable clamp design accommodates a wide variety of wire insulation thicknesses and provides an ergonomic/finished look. In addition, the contact retention system eliminates the concerns of contact back-outs.

"The cable assemblies surpass existing performance and value levels for connectors of this type and offer more choices for customers with high current power distribution applications," comments Mike Blanchfield, Tyco Electronics' global product manager handling MULTI-BEAM XL connectors.

The MULTI-BEAM XL cable plug is available in two versions. The floating panel mount style is designed for use in blindmate "drawer" applications as small as 1U in size. The Squeeze-to-Release style features a traditional squeeze-to-release latch for easily connecting power and signal conductors to a circuit board, all through one connector. MULTI-BEAM XL connectors are sold as completed ready-to-install cable assemblies.

Tyco Electronics is based in Harrisburg, PA. For more information visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

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