Belden CDT Networking introduces cable management solutions

Feb 8, 2006 - Components are available for every kind of commercial network installation.

Belden CDT Networking has introduced Belden IBDN Cable Management Solutions.

Belden CDT Networking has leveraged its resources to enable end-to-end, integrated cable management and maintenance. Belden IBDN cable management components are available for every kind of commercial network installation, from data centers to riser systems, telecommunications closets, horizontal wiring and workstations in single buildings or campus networks.

"Our complete line of Belden IBDN Cable Management Solutions is yet another demonstration of our ongoing commitment to meet changing customer needs in the commercial data networking environment," says Bill Miller, director of marketing for Belden CDT Networking. "In offering Belden IBDN cable management components, our goal is to streamline and simplify the complexity involved in building, expanding and maintaining state-of-the-art networks. This means customers installing one of our structured cabling systems can now enjoy the convenience of filling all of their cable installation and management needs through a single, trusted source."

The Belden IBDN line of cable management products is designed to encompass everything required by commercial networks for the housing, storage and protection of data hardware and equipment, as well as discrete components designed to simplify cable handling and routing and facilitate orderly installation and ongoing maintenance.

The new product line includes:

* Enclosures and Racks - Floor and wall-mount enclosures and racks are available in a variety of standard and custom designs. The line also includes numerous mounting, cable and patch cord management options and accessories.

* Cable Ties - Belden IBDN Cable Ties come in a complete range of sizes for varying load capacities and are available in standard or weather-resistant nylon and Velcro.

* Surface Raceways - The Belden IBDN Surface Raceway System, which is designed to provide a functional, affordable solution for wire enclosure applications, includes extruded raceways with pre-applied adhesive backings, plus a variety of fittings and junction boxes.

Belden CDT is based in Fort Mill, SC. For more information visit

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