Hot-swap PDUs enable truly uninterruptible UPS

Dual-input power cables enable UPSs to be taken offline without bringing down mission-critical equipment.

The new line of Hot-swap power distribution units (PDUs) from Tripp-Lite promise to make uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems truly uninterruptible. As Tripp-Lite explains, the new PDUs make it possible to remove standard plug-in UPS systems for maintenance or replacement without interrupting power to the connected load.

"The hot-swap PDUs feature dual input power cables that connect both to the UPS and directly to the primary power source," the company explains. "During normal operation, the PDU supplies conditioned power from the UPS to connected equipment. A manual transfer switch enables the load to be shifted from the UPS to direct primary power. The UPS may then be powered down and removed from service while connected mission-critical equipment remains powered and operational."

Product manager Rich Feldhaus further states, "Viewed from a lifecycle perspective, a standard-plug in UPS isn't necessarily uninterruptible. At some point it may be necessary to take the UPS offline for maintenance. And that means costly system downtime. But with Tripp-Lite's new hot-swap PDUs, a UPS can be repaired or replaced at any time, while keeping connected mission-critical equipment powered and fully operational."

Other features of the hot-swap PDU include the following.

  • Dual power input cables and manual transfer switch with lighted status indicators
  • 2U installation in 2- or 4-post racks, as well as rear-post-mounting capability
  • Five models from 10 to 30A, universally compatible with UPS systems up to 3000VA

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