Cable patching system is modular and mobile

Box can accept voice, data, CATV, HDMI and other interfaces.

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The configurable Multimedia Mobile Patch from ICC has six openings that accept the company's IC107 modules, which include voice, data, cable-TV, HDMI, component, USB, speaker and other audio-video modules. The company says the cable patching system is a solution for applications such as trade shows, conferences, warehouses, temporary workstations, training laboratories, point-of-sale terminals and other industrial locations.

Users can mix and match modules, and removable dust covers that fit voice and date modules are included with the system. As an alternative to user-customization, ICC can customize a preterminated bundle-cable solution.

The mobile box has integrated screw holes to permanently secure to a location. According to ICC, the PVC housing can also be left on the floor (as shown at the bottom of this page). A cable-tie anchor is provided at the cable entry to provide strain relief when the cable bundle is pulled. Two openings exist for optional magnets to mount on metallice surfaces. The box also has a labeling window for station identification.

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