Dataprobe intros redundancy switching system

March 5, 2007
March 5, 2007 -- The company calls its K-3 redundancy switching system a fault-tolerant disaster recovery solution optimized for smaller facilities.

March 5, 2007 -- Dataprobe, a manufacturer of networking systems management platforms, has released its K-3 Series, a redundancy switching system that incorporates up to three A/B switches in a 1U rack-mount chassis, providing high availability, fault-tolerant communications for remote sites and distributed systems.

Aimed at network architects, communications service providers, system integrators and consumers, the company says the K-3 series is designed to enable reliable physical layer switchover of communications circuits for line protection and equipment redundancy applications.

According to the company, the product line is optimized for use in smaller sites for applications such as redundant computer telephony, T-1/T3 protection switching, and red/black encryption switching.

"Small remote sites provide mission-critical operations and have the same availability requirements as data centers," contends David Weiss, president of Dataprobe. "The new K-3 is a compact, robust and affordable redundant switching system that is designed to address these challenges head-on by ensuring maximum uptime for critical communication circuits."

Housed in a 1U chassis, the K-3 Series provides the same automatic and remote control capabilities of Dataprobe's K-16 Series redundancy switching system; the same power, control and circuit modules available for the K-16 are implemented in the K-3.

With the K-3, users can control up to three A/B switches in either independent or gang switch arrangement. The system can be controlled via Web, Telnet or SNMP, making the system accessible from any network location. The chassis provides for one internal A/C or D/C power supply, with the option for dual redundant power in an external supply.

"Our customers are demanding higher levels of uptime from all points on their network," concludes Weiss. "The K-3 addresses these needs by providing the same level of availability for smaller sites at a price that makes high availability practical for all locations."

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