Fluke Networks becomes Nortel developer partner

August 27, 2007 -- Fluke Networks' NetFlow Tracker V3 data flow management software has attained the designation of "Nortel Compatible Product."

August 27, 2007 -- Fluke Networks announced that it has achieved the status of Developer Partner in the Nortel Developer Program.

According to a press release, through the program, Fluke Networks and Nortel "will now work more closely in identifying, delivering and promoting enhanced solutions for the benefit of their mutual enterprise network customers."

For certification, Fluke's NetFlow Tracker V3 data flow management software was tested in a Nortel lab facility and was verified as compatible with Nortel's Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 Release 4.1.3 and Ethernet Routing Switch 5500 Release 5.0.5.

The Fluke software enables users to gather flow data from the routing switches without deploying probes, improving visibility into the network's traffic flow.

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