Strix Systems intros distributed IP video surveillance platform

Aug. 23, 2007
August 23, 2007 -- The provider of wireless mesh networking products has introduced its Distributed IP Video Surveillance Solution Set.

August 23, 2007 -- Strix Systems, a provider of wireless mesh networking products, has introduced its Distributed IP Video Surveillance Solution Set, which is based on the Strix Access/One Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Systems (OWS/IWS). The company says its Solution Set includes pre-tested products from IP video surveillance companies which are certified "Wireless Mesh Ready," making it easier for integrators to build a fully distributed IP video surveillance system.

"Strix developed the 'Wireless Mesh Ready' certification and the Distributed IP Video Surveillance Solution Set for the video surveillance market because we've seen a need to make it easier to implement networked systems," comments Kirby Russell, director of product marketing at Strix Systems. "Many in the wireless mesh network business don't understand the techniques of implementing video surveillance. By ensuring that all elements of a distributed IP video surveillance solution interoperate, not just the cameras, we've eliminated many of the unknowns in building a fully distributed system."

According to the company, freed from the constraints of wired video surveillance systems, customers employing Strix Access/One solutions can locate cameras, video servers, storage clusters, and other "Wireless Mesh Ready" network elements wherever they are needed, e.g. on buildings, on power or telephone poles, in railway cars, and elsewhere.

In addition, notes the company, because distributed systems do not require centralized servers, a video surveillance solution based on the Solution Set will not have a single point of failure, as traditional video surveillance systems often do. The company adds that systems built on the Strix architecture do not require complicated proprietary hardware, complex cable connectivity, or dedicated monitoring locations. Existing network personnel can easily add cameras to the Strix OWS, as well as configure cameras and server components, and make changes to the network from any location.

"We work with governments and Fortune 1000 companies all over the world, and when it comes to their security and surveillance systems, these organizations require the absolute highest performance and robustness in order to ensure 100 percent uptime," offers Thomas Norman, managing partner of Protection Partners International. "We were looking for a wireless alternative to redundant fiber that could ease deployment and reduce cost, but still maintain the high-throughput and low-latency needed to provide integrated real-time services like voice and video. Before Strix, all other mesh solutions fell far short of meeting the requirements our customers demand. With Strix, we can provide fiber-like performance for our customers' security systems at a fraction of the cost and with infinitely easier deployment and management."

Strix says the Distributed IP Video Surveillance Solution Set also enables the integration of other "Wireless Mesh Ready" certified components for mobility, roaming, VoIP and other services. All equipment and applications are tested in Strix's Calabasas labs before they are certified interoperable with Strix Access/One products. All certified products also meet key criteria to support Strix's native high throughput, low latency, and failover characteristics, and will work together with all other certified and interoperable equipment, according to the company.

According to a press release, the following companies and their respective products are certified "Wireless Network Ready" for the Distributed IP Video Surveillance Solution Set: Federal Signal's broadband wireless and network security systems for municipal, public safety, emergency response and industrial customers; Milestone Systems' open-platform IP network video management software; Panasonic's i-Pro Series of indoor/outdoor, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras; the IQeye family of megapixel day/night network cameras; ICOP Digital's mobile and stationary surveillance products for first responders; and Dotworkz's D2 outdoor camera housing w/"Sidekick" wireless option.

To request a copy of Strix white paper entitled "Wireless Mesh Networks for Distributed Video Surveillance" click here.

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