Eclipse Marketing fosters CEDIA marketing tools

January 30, 2007 -- Eclipse Marketing now offers CEDIA members a variety of marketing resources.

January 30, 2007 -- In conjunction with the marketing and public relations firm Eclipse Marketing ( , CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association - has implemented a member benefit intended to bring residential electronic systems contractors a variety of affordable marketing tools.

The new program is designed to support the growth and outreach of CEDIA electronic systems contractors by helping them to promote their custom residential services to homeowners, homebuyers, builders, architects and interior designers. Via the program, CEDIA says that residential electronic systems contractor members are afforded a professional and structured approach to ordering personalized marketing tools at a cost-effective price.

"CEDIA has once again cultivated an opportunity for growth and is pleased to offer our members a complete line of cost-effective promotional items. Residential electronic systems contractors now have a simple and effective solution for acquiring marketing tools that are professionally designed, easy to acquire, affordable, and [that] showcase electronic lifestyles," comments Jamie Antcliff, director of public relations and marketing for CEDIA.

CEDIA Residential Electronic Systems Contractor full members are entitled to special pricing on the marketing tools. According to a press release, members need only to contact Eclipse Marketing and select the marketing item that best fits their promotional campaign. The marketing tools are immediately personalized with members' logo and contact information. Dealers may also request the replacement of any existing images with photographs of their own. All full CEDIA member promotional designs include CEDIA's logo, and a description of CEDIA, further endorsing the integrator's credentials.

CEDIA Residential Electronic Systems Contractor members may reach Eclipse Marketing at (949) 363-5340 or Or they can order online at

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