Aksys Networks launches serverless office VoIP phone system

Jan. 3, 2007
January 3, 2007 -- The company says its "serverless" KONNECT platform allows small offices to easily install and operate multi-site VoIP phone systems by simply connecting telephones to the network.

January 3, 2007 -- Aksys Networks Inc. (www.aksysnetworks.com) has introduced its KONNECT platform, a serverless VoIP telephone system aimed at small offices. The company says the platform operates as a standalone device, requiring no additional equipment, and allowing small offices to easily install and operate multi-site VoIP phone systems by simply connecting telephones to the network.

According to the company, the KONNECT system is aimed at businesses seeking the benefits of VoIP, but who are wary of business interruptions. The company contends that most small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) aren't willing to rely solely on Internet connections for their phones, because cable modem and ADSL services experience outages from time to time, which can prevent or terminate important calls.

In addition, notes the company, many offices aren't yet ready to trust their main inbound number to VoIP technology. However, the KONNECT system allows offices to continue using their existing telco lines while using VoIP for free inter-office calls, and selecting either VoIP or the public switched telephone network (PSTN) for outbound calls.

"We are pleased to offer small businesses a way to access all the benefits of VoIP, while enabling them to preserve their connections to existing land lines, which they trust," comments Martin Sunstrum, president and CEO of Aksys. "Our ability to seamlessly support local landlines, and tie together home and/or remote offices into one unified phone system provides unprecedented simplicity to today's small office market."

The company says its KONNECT platform is among the easiest VoIP phone systems available for small businesses to install and configure; users to can attach the phones to existing LANs and configure phones in less than five minutes per phone, without having to employ separate gateways or special routers/servers, which can quickly become complex when tying multiple sites together, notes the company.

The company says the system is particularly suitable for SOHO users and small offices. The system will be available from VARs and office retailers in Q2 of this year at a suggested retail price of $295.

Aksys will publicly unveil the KONNECT system at the 2007 International CES (www.cesweb.org) in Las Vegas, January 8 - 11, at booth Sands 71611A.

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