Cat 6a PCB mounted jacks target premise wiring, 10-GbE apps

January 16, 2007 -- Stewart Connector has introduced its SS-60300 series of Category 6a PCB mounted jacks.

January 16, 2007 -- Stewart Connector ( has introduced its SS-60300 series of Category 6a PCB mounted jacks as the latest addition to the company's portfolio of connectors specifically designed to satisfy the demands of emerging high-speed networking and computing applications.

According to the company, engineered to meet and exceed the 500 MHz requirements of the Cat 6a specifications, the jacks feature internal compensation to enhance electrical performance without the need for extensive secondary compensation on the main PCB.

The company says the series' patent-pending design integrates the capacitive and inductive compensation on a flexible circuit board that attaches directly to the tips of the jacks' contacts, close to where the jack and modular plug interface.The proximity of this flexible board to the connection helps cancel NEXT crosstalk introduced to the jack from the plug. Moreover, as the flexible circuit board attaches to the jacks' contacts, the jacks preserve the standard modular connector design to ensure durable and reliable connections.

According to Stewart, the FCC and RoHS-compliant parts may be confidently specified for employment in premise wiring systems, and 10GBASE-T [10-Gigabit Ethernet over twisted-pair copper cabling] applications. They are most commonly used in wall outlets throughout buildings to connect computers, printers and various peripheral equipment to networks. The jacks are also suitable for employment on patch panels at the consolidation points where buildings' network cables interconnect.

The PCB mountable components are offered in vertical or right-angle configurations, and in shielded and unshielded versions. Manufactured of UL94-V0 polycarbonate, the jacks are provided standard with selective gold-plated (50-microinch) contacts to ensure high-cycle life. Additional specifications include an operating temperature range of -40 degrees to +85 degrees C, and durability of 750 mating cycles. Voltage rating is 150 VDC, and current rating is 1.5 A @ 25 degrees C.

Pricing for the SS-60300 Series of CAT 6a PCB mounted jacks is $1.35 each in quantities of 5,000 for the unshielded version. For more information, visit

Stewart Connector is a division of Bel Fuse Inc. (

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