Trompeter awarded US patent for Miniature BNC connector

Nov. 7, 2007
November 7, 2007 -- The connector targets telco and broadcast applications, says the company.

November 7, 2007 -- Trompeter Electronics, a subsidiary of Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions and a producer of RF interconnect products, has been issued US Patent No. 7,104,826 for a miniaturize BNC connector. Marketed by Trompeter as the UPL250 series, the connector offers designers of high reliability voice-data-video network equipment and the end-users of this equipment the advantage of 40% gain in connector density (in a given area), according to the company.

The carrier-class UPL250 series (M-BNC) was originally designed to address specific challenges evolving in telco central office space, where the BNC is the well-established workhorse connector. The M-BNC can be used wherever standard BNC's are currently in use, and can be supported with industry-standard installation tools and practices. In addition to telco and enterprise networks, the M-BNC is also used in HDTV broadcast applications.

The plug connector in the UPL250 series is 60% smaller than a full-size BNC, says the company. The patented miniaturized BNC technology in the connector delivers 75&Ohm; impedance throughout the entire frequency range and outstanding return loss performance. Like Trompeter's standard size BNC's, the M-BNC includes a rear view indicator notch for visual inspection to ensure proper alignment and full engagement in the jack.

The UPL250 series includes straight and right angle plugs, bulkhead cable jacks, straight and right angle PCB mounted jacks, all of which are available in both nickel and gold plated versions. Various between-series adaptors are also available.

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