ADC unveils size-reduced Cat 6A UTP cable

Jan. 25, 2007
January 25, 2006 -- ADC has reduced the size of its CopperTen Augmented Category 6 UTP cable. The new cable was showcased at the 2007 BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida.

January 25, 2006 -- ADC ( has reduced the size of its CopperTen Augmented Category 6 UTP cable. The new cable was showcased at the 2007 BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Designed to provide 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity over 100 meters of copper cabling, the new cable has an average outside diameter of .275", compared to the
industry average of .310" -- which translates into a 22 percent reduction in cross-sectional area compared to typical Augmented Category 6 cable, according to ADC.

The reduced-size CopperTen cabling is based on company's patented AirES technology. The company notes that the benefits of implementing a smaller cable
include: enhanced airflow for improved data center cooling, reliability and uptime; a lighter weight and smaller volume for reduced installation costs; and improved fill rates in cable trays, conduits and raceways.

"This unprecedented reduction in the size of Augmented Category 6 UTP cable will give data center and network managers more flexibility and higher performance for their investment," contends Jaxon Lang, vice president of product management, structured cabling, for ADC.

Also at the BICSI show, ADC introduced additions to its TrueNet Fiber Plug-and-Play Solutions product line for data center applications. Designed to improve reliability, scalability and cooling needs in modern data centers, the new products include Multi-Fiber Push-On (MPO) products for the company's TrueNet Fiber platform as
used within main distribution, backbone, horizontal and equipment distribution areas (MDA, HDA, EDA).

The company says the enhanced product line promotes reliability in the data center through properly-managed cable density, which encourages proper airflow and reduces maintenance.

The enhanced TrueNet Fiber Plug-and-Play product line includes the company's:

-- Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) with MPO Solution: Optimized for cross-connect applications, this high-density distribution frame can effectively manage up to
1,728 fibers while incorporating cable management and MPO plug-and-play cassettes for rapid deployment.

-- Fiber Panels with MPO Cassettes: These fiber panels consolidate and manage optical cables from storage area networks, servers and switches in the HDA and
EDA, offering bend radius protection, intuitive routing and easy connector access, says the company.

-- TrueNet MPO Microcable Trunk Assemblies: These small, round, manageable 12-fiber cables pre-terminated with a high-density MPO connector on both ends for fast deployment, and are compatible with ADC's FiberGuide Optical Raceway System to enable placement of fiber cable in the overhead that maximizes
accessibility and airflow.

-- TrueNet FiberGuide Optical Raceway System: This system incorporates a variety of fittings and components that snap into place for simple addition or removal of drops; horizontal storage sections manage fiber overlays.

-- TrueNet TracerLight: These jumpers improve accuracy by enabling precise identification of optical patch cord terminations, minimizing risk of removing the wrong

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