Tyco Electronics expands shielded product offering

Nov. 15, 2007
November 15, 2007 -- The company has expanded its Amp Netconnect XG shielded product offering to incorporate newly optimized jacks and patch panels.

November 15, 2007 -- Tyco Electronics has expanded its AMP NETCONNECT XG shielded product line to incorporate newly optimized jacks and patch panels.

The side-entry AMP-TWIST XG jack is the latest addition to the company's AMP NETCONNECT XG shielded cabling system for 10 Gigabit over copper applications. The company says the new jack features the same easy termination and benefits of the existing AMP-TWIST XG rear-entry jacks while enabling cable to enter from the side for depth-limited applications.

According to the company, the AMP-TWIST XG modular jacks for 10 Gig can be terminated in about 90 seconds. The shielded jacks feature a two-piece construction with a shield clamp that simplifies shield connection, as well as a fully integrated shield and strain relief. Designed to provide consistent and precise terminations every time, the AMP-TWIST XG jacks are also reusable and feature a slim profile for high-density 10-Gig applications.

"In addition to offering the fastest shielded termination available, the new side-entry AMP-TWIST jacks offer a significant space savings option for the workstation end of the channel," says Brian Davis, RCDD/product manager for Tyco Electronics. "These jacks allow shielded cable to enter from the side, which is ideal for applications where depth is limited such as modular furniture or surface raceway."

The side-entry AMP-TWIST jack permits both 568A and 568A wiring schemes and is available with or without a dust cover.

The company has also introduced what it calls "a new and improved" AMPTRAC XG shielded patch panel optimized for 10-Gigabit Ethernet over copper applications. As part of the AMP NETCONNECT XG shielded cabling system, the AMPTRAC Connectivity Management System consists of port sensor strips, patch cords, patch panels, I/O cables, link cables and analyzer, which together monitor and communicate connect and disconnect information.

According to the company, available in 24- and 48-port configurations, the shielded patch panel looks and installs like an unshielded patch panel with no special handling for bonding of the shield. A bonding bar automatically completes a metallic connection from the jack to the patch panel while a paint-piercing star washer enables complete bonding from the patch panel to the rack.

"For years, the industry has experienced much confusion surrounding the grounding and bonding of shielded cabling components, but just as we have done with our XG shielded AMP-TWIST jacks, we have completely eliminated the need for any time consuming or complicated grounding and bonding processes at the patch panel," says Bob Zahr, RCDD/LAN specialist and systems engineering manager for Tyco Electronics. "Because the grounding and bonding happens automatically when jacks are snapped into the patch panel, customers no longer need to be concerned about properly completing this critical installation step."

Also, the company notes that unlike other all-metallic shielded panels, the AMPTRAC XG shielded patch panel integrates a dual-purpose labeling space that enables either the use of paper labels with clear plastic covers or adhesive labels that can be applied to a black plastic cover and easily snapped on to the panel. The improved patch panels also accept the company's SL Series unshielded jacks, SL Series fiber-optic connectors, and other SL Series A/V inserts, for a versatile multimedia patch panel that supports a variety of applications.

Further, the AMPTRAC Connectivity Management System used in conjunction with the Tyco iTRACS IM software enables real-time monitoring and reporting of the physical network connections and devices, including automatic alerts and event logging whenever a connectivity change is detected. The software's Automated Work Order Process function enables administrators to determine rights and privileges for authorized users to propose reconfigurations and create detailed work orders and schedules

"The AMPTRAC Connectivity Management Systems is ideal for customers that need to manage, secure, and document the moves, adds, and changes that take place within complex telecommunications networks and critical applications, like financial and educational institutions, data centers, medical facilities, and government entities," explains Tony Beam, director business development, Tyco Electronics. "These are often the same customers that embrace 10-gigabit Ethernet technologies, and now they have the opportunity to use AMPTRAC product in conjunction with an easier-to-install 10-gigabit shielded patch panel."

The new products meet the IEEE 10GBASE-T (802.3an) standard for 10 Gigabit on a 100 m copper channel, as well as both TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 Draft 6 Category 6A and ISO/IEC 11801 Addendum 1 Draft Class EA requirements for 4-connector 100 meter channels. Because its foil shielding virtually eliminates the ANEXT associated with 10 Gig transmission, the company maintains that the AMP NETCONNECT shielded system offers significantly better performance over unshielded 10 Gigabit solutions.

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