Draka adds ColorlockXS to all BendBright cables

Nov. 30, 2007
November 30, 2007 -- Draka Comteq has announced the availability of its BendBrightXS with ColorlockXS technology in all of its cable constructions.

November 30, 2007 -- Draka Comteq has announced the availability of its BendBrightXS with ColorlockXS technology in all of its cable constructions. (Earlier this month, the vendor announced the availability of ColorlockXS on its BendBrightXS fiber.)

The BendBright technology was introduced in 2005 as the standard fiber in all Draka Comteq drop cables; ColorlockXS is the latest enhancement to a bend insensitive product line that the company claims has led the industry for over two years. The company introduced the BendBrightXS the following year.

"Judging from the marketing efforts and expense incurred by competing fiber cable manufacturers to introduce bend-insensitive products at the recent FTTH show in Orlando, a year after Draka's BendBrightXS introduction, it appears that we are not only on the right track with our product innovation but that our newest version featuring ColorlockXS will sustain our leadership in this area," asserts Tony Valentino, vice president of sales for Draka Comteq Americas.

Unlike other fibers recently introduced to the market, says Draka, BendBrightXS is the first and only all-glass fiber on the market that meets and exceeds the stringent ITU-T G.657.B bending requirements while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing singlemode fibers, meeting ITU-T G.652.D. It does this by using industry accepted materials and technology resulting in no issues or special procedures being needed for splicing or connectorization.

ColorLockXS improves the micro-bending performance of BendBrightXS fiber, say company representatives. Colorlock was first introduced over a decade ago and uses a patented technology to color the fibers during the draw process. With the colors actually integrated in the fiber coating, they are guaranteed not to wear, maintaining clarity and vibrancy throughout the lifetime of the fiber, claims the company. More importantly, notes Draka, its fiber is the only optical fiber in the world proof tested after coloring. Fibers that are proof tested prior to the fiber coloring process raises questions about true fiber lifetime after coloration, contends the company.

The BendbrightXS with ColorlockXS is now available in the entire suite of Draka cables and is ideal in access cables for FTTx deployments where loss of signal is common because cables are subjected to tight bends and the rigors of harsh installation techniques, such as the use of cable ties and stapling.

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