Pelco, SmartConnect pair on casino security platform

November 19, 2007 -- Pelco has collaborated with SmartConnect on a platform that allows casino operators to link Point-of-Sale (POS) data transactions to an IP video security system.

November 19, 2007 -- IP-based video surveillance system provider Pelco has collaborated with SmartConnect, a software developer of "video-centric business intelligence" security applications.

The partnership has resulted in the development of a software management platform that allows Pelco's enterprise-class Endura IP-based video security system to work with SmartConnect's CasinoVision POS Version 4.1 security software application. The jointly developed platform enables casino operators to proactively manage loss prevention in their food, bar, and restaurant concessions by linking Point-of-Sale (POS) data transactions to their video security systems.

"We are very pleased with the integration of the SmartConnect software solution with Pelco Endura," says Terry Carver, Pelco's API business development manager. "We are actively supporting our open architecture message by continuing to support third-party software integration such as this converged video and business data solution, which provides additional business intelligence to our mutual customers."

"We are excited to work with Pelco in bringing our CasinoVision POS 4.1 solution to market," adds Dan Ives, CEO and president of SmartConnect. "This synergistic video-centric solution provides a new and compelling loss prevention tool for casino operators that connects POS data transactions to video systems, which increases security and surveillance productivity."

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