Teranetics demos 10GBASE-T PHY

September 28, 2007 -- The company's TN1010 PHY was demonstrated at the UNH 10G Tech Summit this week.

September 28, 2007 -- Teranetics Inc. has demonstrated its 10GBASE-T Copper PHY, which the company claims betters the IEEE 802.3an latency specification.

The company's TN1010 PHY was demonstrated at the UNH 10G Tech Summit this week. The tests performed at UNH included the Spirent Testcenter measurements, which showed the TN1010 PHY's latency to be lower than the spec, fully complying with the IEEE standard. The demonstration included 10GBASE-T operation over 100 meter Cat 6A cable in 6-around-1 cable configuration.

The 802.3an standard, or 10GBASE-T, comprises many aspects that assure interoperability, performance and ease-of-use. Teranetics says it PHY represents a solution that not only meets the specification but includes the features and functionality that will make networking products using 10GBASE-T successful.

According to the company, such features include multi-rate support that allows "any RJ-45 port" connectivity intrinsic to the BASE-T use model, as well as low power of operation. At the UNH event, the company showed what it calls another differentiating feature of its technology by demonstrating PHY latency of less than 2.5usec, bettering the requirement of the IEEE specification. Lower latency enables the use of 10GBASE-T in a broader set of applications such as high-performance computing and storage.

"The need for a viable, low cost 10G connectivity is increasing with advances in raw processor speed, new server virtualization technology and ever increasing storage demands," offers Jag Bolaria of The Linley Group. "Combining 10G speed, low cost and ease-of-use of BASE-T, and a low-latency PHY such as the Teranetics TN1010, Ethernet is evolving to become a viable solution for the unified fabric within the data center."

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