Arnco unveils air-blown drop cable system

Sept. 27, 2007
September 27, 2007 -- The company's AT 410 drop cable air-assist system is designed to enable fast installation of flat and round optical fiber and copper drop cables for residential and commercial FTTH and broadband applications.

September 27, 2007 -- Arnco Corp. has introduced its AT 410 drop cable air-assist system, designed to quickly and efficiently install flat and round optical fiber and copper drop cables for residential and commercial FTTH and broadband applications.

According to the company, as an extension of its air-assisted cable push system, the AT 410 drop air-assist system eliminates the need for pull tapes and ropes to install drop cable. While most drop services can be hand-pulled, the AT 410 uses compressed air and an inflatable carrier, in combination with a standard wire or synthetic mesh grip, to pull the drop cable into the duct from the curb to the premise.

The AT 410 provides quick installation of non-connector and pre-connector type drop cables using the air-pulling force of the inflatable carrier into ducts up to 1,000 feet. The system is suitable for placing connectorized drop cables that typically are equipped with an integrated pulling loop on the connector cap and have tensile pull limits of approximately 100 pounds,.

"The pre-connectorized cable feature allows contractors to quickly connect to a house or building immediately, thus saving time in the field. Also, air assisting the placement makes the process that much faster with less stress on the drop cable," says Al Crandall, director of placing systems at Arnco.

The AT 410 is available as a kit, which includes an air manifold with an air pressure gauge, shut-off valve, claw-type air coupling and duct clamp housing. It also includes an insert seal kit, hand tools, a starter sample of AT 500 cable blowing lubricant and a sponge kit. Various size flat and round drop cable inserts and duct clamp/seal inserts are also available to meet job requirements.

The system is designed to work with most utility compressors 50CFM or larger in ducts ranging from a 1/2 inch to 1-1/4 inches.

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