Pelco expands IP video security offering

September 18, 2007 -- Pelco has added to its enterprise-class Endura IP video security system.

September 18, 2007 -- Pelco has added new offerings to its Endura IP video security system.

"We're taking enterprise-class performance to a whole new level," comments Rob Morello, Pelco's senior product marketing manager for digital systems. "From wireless and Internet connectivity to intelligent video and mapping, Endura gives users even more powerful options for implementing, configuring, and controlling their IP video security systems."

According to the company, the new Endura offerings include:

Endura WS5000 Advanced System Software, Version 1.5: Version 1.5 of the software provides access to all operation and configuration features of the Endura system in a unified, ugraded interface.

Endura Mapping: This software makes it easy to configure and use maps in an Endura system. A pop-up window provides instant access to live video, alarms, relays, etc.

Endura Intelligent Video: Aimed at video security operators, these "intelligent" encoders run a suite of object and activity detection behaviors designed for Endura, including Adaptive Motion, Directional Motion, Object Counting, and Object Removal, and more.

Endura Gateway & Transcoder: The Endura Gateway allows users to view live video, review recorded video, and manage users on their Endura network, via Web browser. Working in combination, the Endura Gateway and Transcoder provide scaleable Internet connectivity for users with low bandwidth connections.

Endura Wireless: The Endura Wireless series of encoders and transmitters is suitable for parking lots, campuses, seaports, airports, city surveillance systems, and anywhere else that cannot support a wired infrastructure.

"Whether customers are looking for a sensible migration path from analog to digital, a digital extension to an existing analog system, or a full digital system, the solution built on the Endura platform can evolve to meet customers' demands today and into the future," concludes Pelco's Morello.

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