Allworx, CBeyond partner on SIP platform

Sept. 18, 2007
September 18, 2007 -- Allworx and Cbeyond recently announced interoperability between the Allworx line of SIP-phones and IP-PBX systems and Cbeyond's SIP trunking service.

September 18, 2007 -- Allworx and Cbeyond recently announced interoperability between the Allworx line of SIP-phones and IP-PBX systems and Cbeyond's SIP trunking service, BeyondVoice with SIPconnect. The companies contend that the combined platform provides the small and medium sized business (SMB) market with a solution that delivers business-class voice quality, extensive calling features, and significant cost savings.

Cbeyond's BeyondVoice with SIPconnect service is an integrated package of local and long-distance voice, high-speed Internet and mobile services. Allworx' IP-PBX/Key systems and SIP-phones provide key system functionality for SMBs transitioning to next generation IP phone systems. Together, the companies say they are leveraging the SIPconnect specification to ensure a consistent quality of service, low cost and full-featured telephony for SIP-based VoIP calls. The companies are also training and supporting a mutual set of channel partners to meet the communications and IT needs of SMBs across the U.S.

According to the companies, requiring as few as four SIP trunks, the Allworx hardware combined with Cbeyond's service provides businesses with Direct Inward Dial (DID) capabilities, high quality voice services, and reliable service and support. Channel partners can leverage the platform to deliver on- premise equipment and managed services that include: T1 connections for Internet and email; local and long distance calling; mobile and BlackBerry services; and applications such as virus protection, spam blocking, firewalls, secure back up, file sharing, VPNs, and fax-to-email services.

"Our relationship with Allworx is beneficial on multiple levels, because we're making our joint customers happy by meeting their communications and IT needs more effectively, and we're also simplifying the installation process for channel partners, while increasing their annuity streams," says Chris Gatch, chief technology officer for Cbeyond.

"For our channel partners, time is money, and getting users up and running quickly is paramount," adds George E. Daddis, chief executive officer for Allworx Corp. "By combining our turn-key servers and QoS solutions with Cbeyond's services, many of our channel partners have been able to complete robust installations in an hour, a task that once took days to complete. Beyond the install, our combined offerings reduce customer churn, ensuring the long-lasting engagements that strengthen the channel partner's bottom line."

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