ADC expands fiber cable management offering

June 19, 2007
June 19, 2007 -- ADC has expanded its FiberGuide and RiserGuide product families with the release of its 24-inch FiberGuide fiber management system.

June 19, 2007 -- ADC announced that it has expanded its FiberGuide and RiserGuide product families with the release of its 24-inch FiberGuide fiber management system.

FiberGuide is a fiber management and cable raceway system used to protect and route fiber-optic patch cords, multi-fiber cable assemblies and intra-facility fiber cable to and from fiber splice enclosures, distribution frames and fiber optic terminal devices.

The system incorporates a suite of products designed to ensure off-frame protection and ease-of-use for advanced fiber management providers who run large quantities of fiber and anticipate future fiber deployments, says ADC.

The company says the newly available 24-inch by 4-inch system is intended to double the network capacity and flexibility of traditional 12-inch systems. The company notes that the system ensures that a 2-inch minimum bend radius is maintained throughout for cable protection.

"Fiber densities continue to increase in today's data centers, creating demand for increased cable management and protection," comments Dave Rapp, senior product manager, central office products, for ADC. "ADC's fiber solutions must meet consumer demand for speed of installation, speed of deployment, raceway flexibility and fiber protection."

Complementing the FiberGuide system, ADC's RiserGuide is a modular cable management system designed to enable full network optimization. Easy to install and remove, the system's bracket-like hardware devices guide fiber cables to appropriate locations or hold bundles in place for optimal organization. Components such as storage spools, radius limiters and cable guides can be installed anywhere on the riser, which can then be mounted within and between racks and cabinets.

"In today's environment, cable management and protection are paramount," continues Rapp. "The increased capacity of the FiberGuide and the flexibility offered by the RiserGuide meet these criteria, and help companies manage infrastructure for network optimization and future growth."

The products will be featured in ADC's booth #5107 at the NXTcomm tradeshow, held June 19 - 21 in Chicago.

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