D-Tools updates system integrator software

June 21, 2007
June 21, 2007 -- The company says the latest version of its system integrator software, dubbed SI5, makes it easier to design, estimate, and document integration of low voltage systems.

June 21, 2007 -- D-Tools, Inc. has introduced System Integrator 5 (SI 5), the latest version of its system integrator software.

The company claims the software is currently used by over 2,500 companies to streamline the design, estimation, and documentation processes associated with the installation and integration of low voltage

According to D-Tools, SI 5 enables systems integrators and custom installation professionals to create detailed projects managed with automated proposals, scheduling, pick lists, purchase orders, drawings and additional documents that streamline the integration of audio and video products.

The company contends that, by using a single, shared, data-driven project file, system integrators and custom installers can better communicate all project details amongst team members, clients, and other trades. Also with the software, users can download free product information from the company's database of tens of thousands of products and their accessories.

New features of the software, according to the company, include:

-- Ease of use: SI5 is now easier to install, register, and configure than any previous version of SI. Additionally, the software's Navigator and the most common user interfaces have been redesigned to make them easier to use.

-- Improved AutoCAD features including one-to-one blocks and schematics allow users to easily connect products in AutoCAD, as with the Visio application. Simply drag and drop products on the schematic drawing sheet and their inputs and outputs will display automatically. Users can also now drag and drop wires and connect to the products. Wire connections will stay connected even when products are maneuvered on the drawing sheet. Users can run installation reports based on connections made. Hundreds of new one-to-one AutoCAD blocks representing individual products are now also available, covering numerous manufacturers and categories.

-- Improved proposal generation: Allows users greater flexibility to filter, group, and sort products on proposals.

-- Improved product data matrix: Improvements to the software's product data matrix make it easier to organize and view products in a project.

-- Manage personalized product data: The user interface for managing the product database has been vastly improved, making it easier to keep the user database updated. Includes the ability to import and export from CSV for bulk editing in Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

-- One-to-One product shapes: D-Tools will supply an increasing number of Visio shapes/AutoCAD blocks which will be based on actual manufacturer product designs.

-- Grouped connectors: Sometimes a single wire will connect to more than one I/O port. SI5 will be able to show this on the schematic view while still maintaining the single wire for estimating, wire labeling, etc.

-- XML reporting schema: Allows users to easily create custom reports in any MS Office or other XML-compatible application.

-- Spell check: Spell check capability will be available for all fields where descriptive text is entered.

"We're extremely pleased to make these dramatic improvements to our application, making it even easier for system integrators to increase their productivity," comments Adam Stone, president and CEO of D-Tools. "Our business has been built around a single objective: to help our customers become more successful through the use of our software. That singular focus is what motivates us to continue to improve our software and ensure that our customers have a reliable, scalable business platform on which to grow their business, and SI 5 is our latest achievement towards that objective."

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