Corning Cable Systems expands multi-port terminal series

June 28, 2007 -- The company announced that its OptiSheath MultiPort terminals are now available in 6-/8-port housing sizes, complementing current 4- and 12-port versions.

June 28, 2007 -- As an addition to its OptiSheath MultiPort Terminal product family, Corning Cable Systems has announced that the terminals are now available in a 6-/8-port housing sizes, complementing current 4- and 12-port versions.

The terminal is designed for use in outside plant fiber access networks, and for use in network access point terminals in FTTH deployments. It provides sealed environmental protection and incremental connection of subscriber drop cables to increase deployment velocity, says Corning.

The terminals contain an integrated, pre-terminated cable stub, which is available in increments of 25 ft. in both dielectric and toneable cable designs. The stubbed terminal provides the ability to consolidate cable access points by routing several terminal stubs to a single splice location. This increases workforce efficiency and reduces the overall installation time required to connect customers, according to the company.

The terminals, which feature an induction welded seal for enhanced security, are suitable for installation on strands, walls, or poles, or for underground use in pedestals or handholes. The new 6-/8-port terminal has rounded surfaces for improved impact performance.

The terminals utilize the company's OptiFit Cable Assembly connector ports for customer drop terminations.

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