PCS joins Corning's Total Access Program

June 18, 2007 -- Precision Contracting Services (PCS) says it will use its membership in the program to extend its expertise to the FTTH marketplace in the southeastern U.S.

June 18, 2007 -- Corning Cable Systems, part of Corning Inc.'s telecommunications segment, has announced Precision Contracting Services, Inc. (PCS) as the newest member of the Corning Total Access Program (TAP).

Already a member of Corning Cable Systems' extended warranty program, PCS provides design, installation, integration, maintenance and asset management services for fiber-optic communication infrastructure applications. The company credits itself with more than 2,000 fiber-optic installations, and recently completed a FTTH project in Indiantown, Florida. Through the Corning Total Access Program and its extended warranty, PCS says it expects to extend its capabilities and expertise in the FTTH marketplace throughout the southeastern U.S.

"Since our inception, PCS has developed a valued relationship with Corning, selecting Corning products in the majority of our fiber-optic network installations and participating in numerous Corning-sponsored training classes," comments Cindy Boyd, president of PCS. "PCS has built a reputation as an exceptional provider of fiber-optic network design, installation, deployment, maintenance and documentation services, and our membership in the Total Access Program will allow us to offer our FTTH customers these same capabilities."

Corning's TAP provides design, engineering, furnishing and installation companies with the tools necessary to ensure successful FTTH and wireless deployments. Certified TAP members receive all-inclusive access to Corning's FTTH and wireless platforms. After completing specialized training in the installation of optical access networks, TAP members are also able to offer their customers extended product warranties on complete Corning systems.

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