Tampa Convention Center picks Telkonet's powerline networking system

June 1, 2007
June 1, 2007 -- Powerline carrier systems provider Telkonet was recently awarded a contract by the City of Tampa, Florida to deploy the Telkonet iWire System within the Tampa Convention Center.

June 1, 2007 -- Telkonet, Inc., a provider of powerline carrier (PLC) networking systems that use existing electrical wiring, was recently awarded a contract by the City of Tampa, Florida to deploy the FIPS 140-2-validated Telkonet iWire System within the Tampa Convention Center.

The company says its enterprise-grade IP-over-powerline networking platform was selected by the convention center's leadership over several competing wired and wireless solutions due to the system's speed of deployment, enhanced security features and overall cost-effectiveness.

Telkonet's system enables the delivery of multiple IP applications to virtually all of the electrical outlets within the 600,000 square foot conference and event center, including high-speed Internet access to conference booth areas, Voice over IP to office locations, and digital media throughout the facility.

"Telkonet's recent success delivering high-speed communications over the massive Tampa Convention Center's in-building power system further validates the technical and economic superiority of the company's U.S. government certified Telkonet iWire System and its value within the enterprise IP application market," comments Ronald W. Pickett, president and CEO of Telkonet. "With this important win, the Telkonet Government Systems (TGS) group will continue to work with the City of Tampa and similar state and local government organizations to provide powerline networking solutions to entities making the transition to converged networked communications. This project, combined with the recently-announced $4 million Department of Defense program and other sales initiatives using the FIPS 140-2 approved suite of products, is contributing to a significant increase in sales in the second quarter and is expected to continue to ramp up sales in the foreseeable future."

TGS is focused on the marketing and delivery of enterprise-grade IP-over-powerline networking solutions to the federal, state and local government markets. To date, TGS has secured multiple U.S. Government technology approvals for the company's networking solution and is currently managing the design and deployment of Telkonet products and services to customer locations as diverse as the Department of the Navy, the Department of Homeland Security, school districts and various state and local government agencies.

TGS provides federal, state and local government customers with IP-over-powerline networking solutions and professional services encompassing network design, deployment, integration, certification and accreditation, supply chain management, call center support and lifecycle maintenance and management.

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