Fluke adds OTDR capability to DTX CableAnalyzer

June 22, 2007 -- Fluke Networks has introduced its DTX Compact OTDR module for its DTX CableAnalyzer platform.

June 22, 2007 -- Fluke Networks has introduced its DTX Compact OTDR [optical time domain reflectometer] for its DTX CableAnalyzer platform. The module snaps onto any DTX CableAnalyzer, adding extended fiber certification to the DTX platform's existing copper and fiber test capabilities.

"With [the] DTX Compact OTDR it's now possible for us to test and certify mixed media jobs with a single, affordable tool that doesn't require our entire staff to be re-trained," offers Eric Varton, director of business development at Tec-Works Inc. (Kirkland, WA). "This tool is certain to re-define the use of OTDR for premise cable testing, especially for smaller contractors."

According to Fluke, the DTX Compact OTDR module shoots and analyzes traces on singlemode and multimode fiber at four wavelengths. This extended (also called "Tier 2") fiber certification capability complements the DTX CableAnalyzer's ability to perform Basic (also called "Tier 1") fiber certification. With Basic and Extended fiber certification, the DTX CableAnalyzer is now able to completely certify fiber and copper cabling to all standards, says Fluke.

"We want to ensure that our fiber installations will support both current and future applications for our clients," says Tom Jordal, president of Skyline Communications (Mukilteo, WA). "With the DTX CableAnalyzer, we can now assure our customers that the fiber cabling installation is rock-solid with Basic and Extended certification. When we certify the performance of every connector and splice, we know that the job meets our high quality standards and callbacks should be few and far between."

Fluke says the DTX Compact OTDR module is intended to allow installers who are familiar with copper certification to easily learn to perform Extended fiber certification. According to the company, users see the familiar DTX interface, test commands, stored setup values and expert diagnostics; this shortens the learning curve and extends the value of the DTX platform in general.

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