Anritsu unveils micro-OTDR

December 5, 2007 -- The company's Network Master MT9090A Fault Locator series of "micro" OTDRs ease the installation and maintenance of FTTx and short-range optical networks.

December 5, 2007 -- Anritsu recently introduced its Network Master MT9090A Fault Locator series, a "micro" OTDR for installation and maintenance of FTTx and short-range optical networks.

According to the company, the MT9090A series combines the size of traditional handheld OTDRs and fault locators with the resolution and overall performance of mini-OTDRs to create a compact, easy-to-use optical test instrument that addresses the specific test requirements of short fiber premises applications, such as FTTx drop cables, intra-building riser cables, and cell towers.

When equipped with the company's MU909011A Fault Locator Module, the MT9090A is designed to provide all of the features and performance required for installation and maintenance of short fibers in a compact, modular test set. The MT9090A can provide data sampling of 5 cm and dead zones of < 1 m, Anritsu adds.

The device offers high resolution to see closely spaced splices and connectors. An integrated testing sequence ensures that technicians will acquire consistent and accurate results, including easy GO/NO GO testing. A simple testing sequence requires only one key press to initiate; fixed parameters simplify operation and ensure proper set-up. The MT9090A series also features an integrated 10-m launch fiber to ensure accurate initial connector measurement without external devices.

Available for immediate delivery, the MT9090A series features a high-resolution widescreen indoor/outdoor display, integrated or USB data storage, and full trace viewing capabilities. Integrated visual fault locator (red light) and power meter options are also available.

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