USB device enables multipoint airflow, temperature measurement

Dec. 3, 2007
December 3, 2007 -- DegreeC has introduced its ATM2400 multi-port USB hub, designed for parallel measurement of airflow and surface temperatures.

December 3, 2007 -- Degree Controls, Inc. (DegreeC), a provider of thermal management platforms, has introduced its ATM2400 multi-port USB hub, designed for parallel measurement of airflow and surface temperatures. According to the company, the ATM2400 supports up to 36 separate sensors to simultaneously collect real-time measurements in multiple locations.

The company maintains that the ATM2400 allows engineers to validate thermal and airflow models quickly and accurately, requiring only a standard USB connection to a PC. Coupled with the company's Accutrac 5.0 software, the device offers real-time data recording with an accuracy of +5% of reading from 0°C to 70°C, says the company.

The ATM2400 is easy to use; one simply installs the software and plugs the device into PC to begin recording data.

The Accutrac 5.0 Windows-based software package offers advanced features including: real-time graphing and statistical analysis; adjustable test time length; sensor calibration date displays; sensor calibration range fluctuation alarm; sampling rates as fast as 10 readings per second; and compatibility with Microsoft Excel.

"From thermal analysis of electronics in computer and telecommunications equipment, and validation of CFD airflow and temperature modeling, to airflow analysis of automotive cabin and engine compartments, containment enclosures, and architectural modeling, the ATM2400 simplifies the data collection process," comments Jag Sisodia, DegreeC's president and CEO. "With its broad array of capabilities and simple, easy-to-use operation, the ATM2400 gives engineers a whole lot less to worry about."

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