Electrically tone-traceable fiber-optic patch cords

Dec. 6, 2007
December 6, 2007 -- Telescent has unveiled its SureTracer family of electronically tone-traceable duplex fiber-optic cables and patch cords.

December 6, 2007 -- Telescent has unveiled its SureTracer family of electronically tone-traceable duplex fiber-optic cables and patch cords, which the company says can be electrically tone-traced in a non-invasive fashion, "even while carrying live traffic and connected to active transmission equipment."

Billed as a convenient approach to live cable identification and tracing, Telescent says the SureTracer line is available in the smallest form factor duplex cable and is compatible not only with the company's SureConnect-based fiber-optic patch panels, but also with any industry-standard models. The company says the patch cords offer the simplest approach to incrementally and cost-effectively transforming a standard patch panel into an "intelligent" patch panel.

The SureTracer incorporates a microscope electrical conductor on the outside of the duplex cable jacket. By attaching a low-force conducting cable clip at any point along the cable span and attaching a standard electronic tone generator, this composite fiber-optic cable can be identified and traced by using an inexpensive electronic tone detector probe, identical to those used for copper networking cables, explains the company. Simply passing the probe in the vicinity of the cable produces an audible tone. By design, the clip does not penetrate the cable jacket nor does it degrade the physical integrity of the fiber-optic cable.

According to the company, key features of the patent-pending SureTracer cable include: utilization of low-cost electronic tone tracing equipment rather than costly optical fiber identifiers; a completely non-invasive procedure that is effective for both dark fiber and live fiber; cable tracing without interrupting data transmission; standard termination and quick termination techniques that are identical to those used for standard cables; and availablity in all duplex cable types and lengths.

Telescent representatives say they offer tone-traceable duplex zipcord patch cords in all fiber and connector types and in any length. Singlemode and multimode patchcords in standard lengths and with standard connectors are available from the company's online store. Telescent supplies SureTracer cable in bulk form, enabling users to connectorize with any industry-standard field-installable quick termination connectors.

The company contends that the SureTracer cable brings "a new level of convenience, value, and functionality" to fiber-optic cable management and plays an important role in a range of applications, allowing service providers and network administrators to deliver optical services with reduced maintenance costs and improved network reliability, while leveraging existing electronic tone tracing equipment for fiber-optic cabling.

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