Prysmian debuts VeriCasa system for MDU deployments

Dec. 11, 2007
December 11, 2007 -- The company claims that "the heart of the system features a new concept in optical cable construction allowing for remarkably easy fiber access and break-out."

December 11, 2007 -- Prysmian has launched its VertiCasa system, as the latest addition to the company's FTTH product portfolio. Designed specifically for bringing optical fiber directly to residents of high-rise apartments and offices, the company claims that "the heart of the system features a new concept in optical cable construction allowing for remarkably easy fiber access and break-out."

The company maintains that, with the current surge in the growth of broadband services, the need to provide higher bandwidth capability--both upstream and downstream--to the end user continues to drive the deployment of more optical fiber in the last-mile access network. Efficient and cost-effective methods of fiber deployment are demanded by the network operator, with installation in high-rise buildings or multi-dwelling units being one of the major challenges today facing the providers of these fiber systems.

According to Prysmian, the VertiCasa system provides a fast and flexible means of connecting users in an MDU. The system is composed of a main riser cable of up to 96 fibers, which can be branched directly to individual subscribers on different floors of the MDU without the need for splicing of fiber within the riser of the building, says the company. Fibers are extracted from breakout windows in the main cable using Prysmian's patented method, which allows the required length of protected "easy strip" fiber to be routed directly from the main body of the cable through to the end user. A pre-connectorized drop cable provides the final customer connection.

With the proprietary G657-compliant CasaLight fiber being used within the VertiCasa system, maximum performance is ensured in the presence of the tight bends often encountered when making final customer connections, says the company. Further, the CasaLight is fully compliant with traditional G652 fibers, ensuring full system compatibility with existing networks. The VertiCasa system includes all supporting accessories and connectivity products necessary to complete the full installation from the main fiber distribution point--generally in the basement of the MDU--through to the end user, say Prysmian representatives.

Prysmian has just completed a two month European FTTH Roadshow in which invited visitors were given a preview of VertiCasa. The company claims the reaction was extremely positive with the easy fiber access and speed of installation attracting great attention.

Production of the VertiCasa system has now begun at Prysmian's facilities in Italy and UK with initial deployments now commencing at several locations in Western Europe. Further schemes are planned in several worldwide locations in early 2008.

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