ComputerSite Engineering to advise on data centers

Oct. 10, 2007
October 10, 2007 -- The engineering and management consulting firm will be "integrally involved" in the upcoming Design Charrette event, hosted by the Uptime Institute in Santa Fe, NM.

October 10, 2007 -- ComputerSite Engineering, Inc., an engineering and management consulting firm, announced that it will be "integrally involved" in the upcoming Design Charrette event, hosted by the Uptime Institute

According to a press release, the event offers three "tracks" examining issues related to electrical and mechanical infrastructure design and data center management, as well as an EPA-led ENERGY STAR dinner and workshop, and a supplemental seminar on topics relevant to sustained availability.

As part of ComputerSite Engineering's sponsorship of the event, the firm's team of consultants will be on hand to discuss data center planning and upgrades with attendees. The consultant team comes from a data center management background, and includes such industry experts as Pitt Turner, a principal in the firm and the company's acting president; and firm members Hank Seader; Terry Altom; Rick Schuknecht and Vince Renaud. Says Renaud of the team's collective experience, "We understand the heartache of ownership and operation."

According to Pitt Turner, a licensed engineer who often serves as a team leader during consulting engagements, "The data center industry is expecting more change in the next few years than in the past decade. The combination of technical and operational expertise at the Charrette presents a wonderful opportunity for participants to have direct one-on-one discussions with industry leaders and help shape what will impact us all."

Turner believes a discussion with his unbiased consultants can have actionable impact on Charrette attendees. He continues, "Once a data center is operational, management of the site separates the successful industry leaders from the other players. Participants in the Charrette's management track will learn how it should be done and walk away with some practical tools and techniques."

For information on how to register to attend the Design Charrette, click here.

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