International Fiber Systems joins NetClear ESS affiliate program

October 29, 2007 -- IFS is a provider of fiber-optic video networking products that use IP and Ethernet protocols.

October 29, 2007 -- Berk-Tek and Ortronics/Legrand announced that the International Fiber Systems (IFS) product line has been added as an approved affiliate vendor for the NetClear ESS [Electronic Safety and Security] program.

IFS, a GE company, is a provider of fiber-optic video networking products that use IP and Ethernet protocols. Through the NetClear ESS affiliate program, Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek jointly provide copper and fiber optic structured cabling systems to assure scalability and performance for all types of networks and technologies.

"Our association with NetClear ESS as an affiliate vendor provides products, solutions and support to Berk-Tek and Ortronics/Legrand to demonstrate the value of digital, optically linked security devices as proprietary analog networks move from a coax-based infrastructure," comments Skip Haight, director of marketing at IFS. "Our two companies and product solution sets will allow integrators, installers and end-users to benefit from the performance, simplicity, and single-team support needed for deploying fiber-fed security networks.'

The co-engineered, "end-to-end" NetClear platforms support enhanced Category 5e, Category 6 and Augmented Category 6 media, as well as 10 Gigabit and optical fiber channels.

"NetClear ESS solutions demonstrate a progressive path to security over IP, from analog to hybrid to total IP through a copper and fiber structured cabling environment," remarks Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, marketing analyst for Berk-Tek. "The IFS products allow copper media to be converted to fiber to use as either a backbone between closets or even between cameras, which often involves long runs. This way, both copper and fiber can reside on the same Ethernet switch to allow IP convergence."

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